ruud bos soundtracks


vinyl out now!

Limited edition of 300.

includes 21 of our favorite tracks
A compilation of early, unheard and unknown works arranged and directed by Dutch soundtrack composer Ruud Bos.
Full of wild jazz, organ funk, cinematic grooves, breakbeats and dope fender rhodes piano solo's

A must have LP for anyone who has a heart for cinema funk,soundtracks and rare movie scores!



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Tracklist side a
01         Titelmuziek Daniël  play button 
02         M1      Standjes    play button                  
03         M14     Nonnen    play button        
04        ‘I Can See Her’ (vocal)   play button         
05         ‘I Can See Her’ play button
06         Glimmie #1     play button
07         Van Borsen #2   play button         
08         Fanny Catched   play button                 
09         Hammerstein    play button          
10         Flipper     play button 

tracklst side b

01 Dat verhaal van jou play button
02 Calling the Inspector play button
03 Looking for a Gang play button
04 To Destroy play button
05 Dead Cats play button
06 A Diving Inspector play button
07 Questioning play button
08 The Raven play button
09 The Ritual play button
10 Shocking View play button
11 The Film play button