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– Official reissue of this rare 1977 cult album
– Remastered in 24 bit & 192 kHz from the original master tape


01 – Sans Parapluie
02 – La Escala
03 – Transitoriness
04 – First Bird To Awake – First Bird To Sing
05 – En Vitesse
06 – Stereoscope
07 – San Sebastian
08 – Unexpected Tidings
09 – Dew Is Falling
10 – Sister Slim (bonus track, outtake from 1977)



1977: In the middle of the era of punk groups, up-tempo music, high-energy rock and a mini rock-‘n-roll revival, a record with the cheeky title Tranquility by the group Dutch Treat has come onto the market. A record – as the title suggests – that exudes tranquility. The record is a serious product by five of Holland’s best-known and most-talented studio musicians: Jan Huydts, Wim Essed, Hans Hollestelle, Louis de Lussanet and Steve Boston.
Jan Huydts: ‘We want to make music that brings people peace and tranquility. We are a recording group. We like each other. We are just close friends. The idea was to make non-aggressive music with aggressive instruments like synthesizers and electric guitars. You may even call it background music, maybe with a double meaning.’

Wim Essed in 2024: ‘After decades it is still amazing that in all their diversity the pieces on this album fit together so well, taking the listener on an instrumental road trip through rainy as well as sunny landscapes.’

‘When we had finished the original recording, the first and only issue was marketed by Polydor records, in quite a modest edition, instigating an equally modest success. Nowadays many more can get access through the web and Tranquility has since found a certain following and cult status, as the original record got harder to come by and more expensive on the second-hand market. So people started to ask for a reissue, which we can at last and proudly offer, bonus material included!’


‘tranquility’ by dutch treat was recorded, mixed and mastered between October 1976 and January 1977 at Procom Studio in Kirchhellen, West Germany

Remastered in August and September 2023 by Fritz Fey (original assistent engineer) at Double-D Mastering, Oberhausen, Germany
For the remastering a direct transfer from the original master tape in 192 kHz and 24 bit was used. The master was cut in a lacquer and the actual reissue is a 180 gram hi quality pressing

“Van Zalinge” Double Bass; Bass guitar improved by Henk van Zalinge & Fender Precision Bass

Grand piano; Fender Rhodes Electric Piano; Hohner String Melody; Korg Polyphonic Synthesizer; Arp Odyssey Synthesizer; Mellotron

Electric and Acoustic Guitars


Congas and Percussion

Recording Engineers
Bernd Steinwedel & Fritz Fey

Mixed by
Jan Huydts; Wim Essed & Bernd Steinwedel

Produced by
Jan Huydts & Wim Essed

Reissue produced by
Wim Essed; Jan Huydts & Frank Jochemsen




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